May 11, 2010


There are many peculiar buildings or structures in Derbyshire. Crich Stand is one of them.

It is actually a lighthouse, built on a hill above the village of Crich. The light from the tower sweeps over the surrounding villages at night.

Crich is a pretty village of stone houses, typical of many of the villages around where I lived as a child. Back then I took it all for granted and it never occurred to me that one day these places would become popular with tourists and holidaymakers. I do remember vaguely walking up to the tower with my parents and grandmother and having a picnic on the grass. You are not allowed to do that now. The view over Derbyshire from the tower is superb.

The structure is actually a war memorial, built in 1923 to honour those from the local regiment, the Sherwood Foresters, who fell in the Great War, then later also dedicated to those lost in the Second World War and other conflicts since.

The name Crich is often pronounced incorrectly by those who don't know the area. It makes me chuckle when you hear it on the news, pronounced as if it were "critch". The correct way is to pronounce the "i" as if it were "eye".

Crich has another popular attraction, the tram museum. I always wanted an excuse for another ride on the lovely old trams - maybe later this summer !

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