May 7, 2010


Bolsover Castle

A while ago I decided that one day I would start a blog about Derbyshire. Today is the day.

The hills above Castleton in winter.

I was born and bred in a small Derbyshire village. As a teenager I thought life in my village was really boring and longed to move away. So I spent most of my twenties in Yorkshire, firstly in the city then in the countryside where I felt more comfortable. But not completely at home.

Ashover village.

After eight years away, I moved back to Derbyshire and I wondered why I had ever wanted to leave. Yorkshire is beautiful too, but for myself I much preferred the softness of the Derbyshire hills to the drama of the Yorkshire countryside and the grim greyness of its towns.

Near Milltown in the parish of Ashover.

So here I am with another excuse not to finish the ironing and to get out and about with my camera. I hope you like it.

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  1. Martine - welcome and a big thank you for being my first follower - it didn't take you long to find the blog !!


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