Nov 13, 2010


Derbyshire boasts many a cafe and teashop. This was the spread at the Tea Gardens at Lea Gardens recently. I treated myself to a cupcake and a cappucino. They were delicious.

However, on that day, I learned something important about cupcakes. There was a car parked outside the entrance to the gardens blocking the single track lane completely while it was being loaded up with plants.
This was no problem, but while I was waiting for the car to move, I looked in the vanity mirror, which I don't do very often. What did I see? Glitter. Lots of it, all over my face.
Which just goes to show, never eat a cupcake that has glitter on it if you want to deny the indulgence afterwards.

Nov 11, 2010


A barrow full of beautiful cooking apples were left at the entrance of the nearby farm.
Combined with the blackberries from the hedgerows, now languishing tantalisingly in our freezer, free puds for the months ahead.