Nov 13, 2010


Derbyshire boasts many a cafe and teashop. This was the spread at the Tea Gardens at Lea Gardens recently. I treated myself to a cupcake and a cappucino. They were delicious.

However, on that day, I learned something important about cupcakes. There was a car parked outside the entrance to the gardens blocking the single track lane completely while it was being loaded up with plants.
This was no problem, but while I was waiting for the car to move, I looked in the vanity mirror, which I don't do very often. What did I see? Glitter. Lots of it, all over my face.
Which just goes to show, never eat a cupcake that has glitter on it if you want to deny the indulgence afterwards.


  1. Disco cupcakes in Derbyshire! Wow! :-)

  2. Sue - cupcake glitter is very sticky stuff and it gets everywhere !!


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