Jun 29, 2012


No, not the kind growing wild, although I am sure there are plenty of those.  This is a collection of photos taken about a month ago at the Sheffield Orchid Society Show which took place in the Cavendish Hall at Chatsworth.


The only orchid shows we have been to before were in France; one at Dunkirk and one at the Château at Valençay.  They were both glamorous and spacious affairs, with fabulous and elaborate displays.


This one at Chatsworth was on a much smaller scale, more like a village show. 

On stepping into the hall it was difficult to decide where to look first.  The variety of the exhibits was endless and they were just so beautiful.


They ranged from the bizarre and colourful to the delicate and subtle.  Some had a lovely fragrance too.



The hall was quite crowded and noisy, making it difficult to see everything properly, but I’m glad I went and I would go again next year.